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YWeb Career Academy is an employment service program that trains women and people of color to become web developers/designers. The three month program covers technical

Our Team

A committed and dedicated Team encompassing a well known Interactive Designer/Developer with 20+ yrs experience in a National capacity. An amazing Coordinator who has a wealth of Case Management, Coordination and Support expertise to pair with the technical learning.

The Coordinator

Julia Block, the YWebCA Coordinator, has an extremely diverse background with experience in case management, program development and entrepreneurship. She has over 15 years of

The Coordinator
The Instructor

Rasheid Atlas has been a designer by trade and profession since the age of 15 years young and has dedicated his career to design and

The Instructor
The Internships

Yaminique Brown is the Placement & Retention Coordinator for the YWCA Madison. In this position, I recruit companies, maintain partnerships & relationships with employers, for the purpose

The Internships

What We Offer

HTML5, CSS3, Web Design, Basics, Bootstrap, GIT, Javascript, Jasmine, jQuery, Wordpress, SCRUM, Python, Freelancing , Project Management, PORTFOLIO, Entrepreneurship, Paired programming

Technical Skills

  Each cohort is composed of 20–25 students. The program includes 400 hours of intensive technical training. Students are expected to complete job-related projects and

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Employment Training

Students also receive soft skills training, including situational workplace judgment, active listening, communication skills, and problem solving. Hard skills, such as technical training, are required

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Apply by June 15th for for early acceptance. The Application deadline is August 1st. The Interview deadline is August 11th.


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Classes at: YWCA Empowerment Center 3101 Latham Dr, Madison WI 53713

Main office: YWCA Madison 101 E. Mifflin Street, Suite 100 Madison WI 53703

(608) 257-1436