YWeb Career Academy (YWebCA) is a training program that targets women and people of color who are underrepresented in technology careers. The goal of YWebCA is to prepare students for family-sustaining jobs while meeting a gap in the labor market for these positions. YWebCA provides instruction in front end web development skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git, UX design, and project management. In addition, the class covers job readiness, team building, and hands‐on learning in computer programming.

How The Program Works

Each cohort is composed of 20–25 students. The program includes 400 hours of intensive technical training. Students are expected to complete job-related projects and work outside of class time and to be actively engaged in the learning process.

Students also receive soft skills training, including situational workplace judgment, active listening, communication skills, and problem solving. Hard skills, such as technical training, are required to get a job but people skills will open future doors and assist in sustaining and building relationships.

Cohort 3, 2016, class at Adorable IO
Class includes time to work alone or with classmates.

YWebCA provides an immersive, Agile-like work environment with opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills while learning web development skills. The instructional portion of sessions includes lectures from course instructors, guest speakers who share their experience in the industry, and time for students to workshop specific skills and complete projects. Course material is online so students can learn at their own pace. Additional time is provided for students to engage with instructors, industry volunteers, and each other in peer partnership learning model. Students are partnered with mentors already working in the tech industry, a cornerstone of the Agile development philosophy because it helps quickly and comprehensively train developers.

Cohort 3, Graduation, 2016
The third cohort of YWebCA graduates of Spring 2016.

Things For Students To Know

  • 100% class attendance is required. All missed hours must be made up.
  • After completing the program, each participant receives a MacBook Air.
  • After completing the program, each participant will be placed in a paid internship.
  • Class instruction is a combination of lecture, lab, discussions, and on-site visits.
  • Participants must complete a portfolio before the end of the program.
  • Samples of Portfolios
    Kyles website Kentons website Quianas website Joeys website Alexs website Nelsons website Shyvias website Oleseas website Ambers website

What makes a good YWebCA Candidate?

  • Curiosity — Do you enjoy learning for its own sake? Do unknowns drive you to dig deeper?
  • Accountability — Can you be present, responsible, proactive, and respectful of deadlines?
  • Grit — Are you persistent in the face of challenge and positive in the face of setbacks? Do you see failure as a learning opportunity and challenges as growth opportunities?
  • Typing skill — Can you type an average speed of 30 words-per-minute? This skill is recommended, but not required.
  • Elementary algebra — Do you have a basic understanding of variables, order of operations, substitution, distribution, etc.?


Classes are held at the YWCA Empowerment Center at 3101 Latham Dr, Madison, WI 53713.

You can help.

Ready to invest in the web development professionals of the future? There are a variety of ways you can support YWebCA. In fact, many supporters take on two or more of these roles.

Speak to the Class

Teacher speaking to the class

Share your career journey and the hard earned lessons you've learned along the way by speaking as a guest presenter. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce our students to the broad array of available technology careers.

Mentor Students

Elizabeth from Cohort 1, mentoring

Share your expertise and connections as a mentor. You will be paired with one to two students to provide out-of-class mentoring and networking opportunities.

Volunteer in the Class


Attend classes and work one-on-one with students to help them learn new concepts and debug projects.

Give a Site Tour

Site tour

We believe that the best way to introduce our students to the culture of the tech industry is to see where the work gets done. We'd love to visit your site.

Hire an Intern

Each student who completes the program enters a paid internship. If your company takes on interns, that would be a wonderful way for the students to put their new skills and experience to use.

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