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May 24, 2017
May 25, 2017
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I came to YWeb looking to progress further in my path of entering the IT field. Before I came to YWeb I was taking knowledge from any where I could, Codecademy, Code School, the works. It was all good knowledge but I always felt I was missing something: real-world implementation, that and the confidence in just myself to do it. And that’s what I set out to find in YWeb; to bridge that gap between textbook knowledge and reality. Thankfully I was admitted into the program although I was still in high school. Juggling high school and the YWeb program wasn’t as easy as I made it to look it was. Doing coursework for YWeb during the week and high school coursework on the weekends was exhausting and it was hard to stay consistent with it. Everyday I woke up quarter to 5 AM so my transportation plan would pan out correctly and I didn’t get back home until 8-9 PM. The weekends are supposed to where one gets rest and relaxation but I had to stay up on my high school homework. It was a struggle to get up some mornings and go to class. It easy to skip out on my high school coursework. But what kept me going was knowing that what I was struggling for was what I am passionate about, what I was struggling for is what was building my future, what I was struggling for was defining me as a man. So I kept going,

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