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May 25, 2017
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May 25, 2017
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I found out about the YWCA through a friend who graduated from the previous cohort. So I decided to fill out the admission application and got selected and enrolled in cohort 5. Initially I had my doubts about the program in that I didn’t think that a bootcamp free of charge can be of any good. I was a little worried that it’ll be a waste of time. But to my surprise, the YWCA turned out to be an amazing experience for me. It’s more than just your typical web development bootcamp. More like a web development bootcamp with a purpose, they are dedicated to eliminate the lack of diversity within the IT industry while helping you obtain the necessary job readiness skills such as speaking in public, working in team projects, and building tech resumes and portfolios. They even took us on different tours to various startup companies and other businesses like the the 100th State, Zendesk, Ionic etc.

Rasheid was our IT instructor that gave us the resources to become full stack web developer. And honestly I cannot say enough good things about him. He was very humble and down to earth and always readily available to offer help. He strongly prefers using Macs to Pc and each student gets their own MacBook to take home and use for class assignments.

Julia Block was the Coordinator that helped us work on our soft skills and personal attributes and how to apply them in professional settings. She helped introverted individuals like myself out of the comfort zone and really pushed us to be involved and interact in a professional manner through daily stand-ups and mock interviews. That was the most challenging aspect of the class for me personally. But nonetheless Julia is a kind hearted person that genuinely wanted the best for her students.

I wish I had come across this program in its inception few years back. Kinda feel sad that it was only 4months long. Will definitely miss being with all the students and as well as Julia and Rasheid.

– Nabil

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