About YWeb

YWeb Career Academy is an employment service program that trains women and people of color to become web developers/designers.

List of Our Partners

These partnerships are a huge part of what makes the program work. Just teaching students skills with no practical way to apply the the skills learned would result in a great deal of work to be able to achieve something in theory. This doesn't land jobs. Providing the students with the opportunity to bring value to a company or an organization is essential to the learning process and understand their own worth o a team. While realistically applying the skills learned.

City of Madison
Ten Foward Consulting
Madison Public Library
CUNA Mutual
Health Finch
Forté /h5>
Am Fam
Tides Foundation
Blue Tree Network
Alliant Energy Foundation
Berbee Derby & Technology Educ. Foundation
A Fund For Women
Tim B Design
Heath Mickelson
Spherion Staffing
American Family Insurance