About YWeb

YWeb Career Academy is an employment service program that trains women and people of color to become web developers/designers.

List of Our Partners

These partnerships are a huge part of what makes the program work. Just teaching students skills with no practical way to apply the the skills learned would result in a great deal of work to be able to achieve something in theory. This doesn't land jobs. Providing the students with the opportunity to bring value to a company or an organization is essential to the learning process and understand their own worth o a team. While realistically applying the skills learned.

City of Madison
Ten Foward Consulting
Madison Public Library
CUNA Mutual
Health Finch
Forté Research
Am Fam
Tides Foundation
Blue Tree Network
Alliant Energy Foundation
Berbee Derby & Technology Educ. Foundation
A Fund For Women
Tim B Design
Heath Mickelson
Spherion Staffing
American Family Insurance