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October 20, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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I moved to Madison from Ethiopia five years ago. In this past five years, I was struggling to have a professional job, to empower myself specially related to my education background. But I found myself struggling a lot.

When I heard about this program, YWeb, from my sister, who is going to school at Madison Technical College, I was so happy and excited to join the group. And I realized again this is not possible for me because of some commitment of life and job schedule. I also thought this is impossible because of the class time.  But finally I decided to cut my job hours and told myself, “this is a good opportunity that you can invest your time to empower yourself  and have a good career”.  

Based on this courage I started this class.  After I started, I found myself frustrated, thinking that I left behind. Considering myself, what happen if I don’t meet the goal that expected from me? Questioning my ability to understand things, this kind of question was pop up in my mind to pull out from my engagement to this program. But thanks to the YWeb staff that they always invited a people to share thing with us, including stand up activities each days that help me to share my thought and listens other experiences too. And top of this the way class held  help me a lot to push myself forward and overcome from my fear. Now I am so excited about the feature, work to hard to improve myself and help others.

 – Tsega Tesfu

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