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May 25, 2017
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May 25, 2017
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I think the most important thing Yweb has to offer is change.  And through my experience at the Yweb, as well as looking at my fellow cohort around me,  I have found that everyone got exactly that – a change.  Some people come to change their environment, some come to look for another start with a different career.  I myself came to find change away from my fate, from the predestined traditional route that that most americans go through, the education system.  Having skepticism on higher learning, and raised in a society where it is believed that profiting and being known off of one’s skills in the arts was a rarity, Yweb offered me a chance to be able to retain my creativity and use something of my interest to outlet my creative processes through.  This not only helped to get a start on another one of my passions, but be able to retain a sustainable wage to support my talents in the arts prior to the program.  The Yweb has changed me and made me smarter, offered me direct learning unlike the likes of typical schooling, gave me a business perspective, helped me to capitalize on my passions, provided me with a solid network plus a plethora of resources, and best of all made me a happier person.

– Javonté Crooks

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