The Most Challenging Part
October 9, 2017
It’s Been Five Weeks
October 19, 2017
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My name is Pierce Doyle and I am a 25-year-old student of the YWeb Academy. I took a semester off of school at Madison College to take a chance in the great and free opportunity in web-development job training the YWCA has provided to the community of Madison. So far three weeks into the program I am still worried about many things such as learning CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, but also my personal commitment to success in the course. I have always been a half involved student giving 100% whilst in class, but 0% outside; in the short three weeks that have passed this has proven to be true yet again. Missing due dates and turning in assignments late has been an unfortunate motif of my entire academic career. This time around, however, I plan on overcoming my shortcoming academia standard by becoming more organized allowing myself to manage my time better.

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