I Learned a Lot About Myself

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December 19, 2017
What I am gaining from Yweb
January 3, 2018
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The things I took away from this class is that I learned a lot about myself, my potential, and the ways to interact along with building up a community. The things that i have learned about myself in Yweb is to engage, and to learn how to code. Learning how to code was part of my interest in the course, and having the opportunity to learn it and try it out helps me a lot to understand how the future of careers start. At the very beginning of class, I have no idea what’s to come, but what I do know is that it will help me have the ability to do something that I don’t know. This course has overall revealed to me a person that understands his potentials and to expand a opportunities set by the mind. Thinking positive and saying I have done things puts me to a state where it helps me get to my goals and by growing up with this helpful set of thoughts, it also has shown lots of progression. Lastly what I loved and got the most out of this entire course is the ability to stand up and talk freely to a group of strangers and present, working with teams along with taking my part and role to finish a successful product. Being put with multiple groups of people from different diversity and showing their own capabilities has made me evolve and to experience better work and team building. Those were the things I have learned from this class and about myself understanding.

 – Somnang Lucky Junior Chhy

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