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October 20, 2017
Based on This Courage
November 10, 2017
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I remember the first day and the amount of confidence I had. I am doing this for Hazel I told myself, I am doing this for me I said, I am doing this for our future!! Motivation is key.

YWeb has finally become a routine which the first step to becoming successful in the 9-5 world. Thing is for my routine is great and it works but right when I think I am doing great and on top the world my mind jumps on top of me and f***s me. So in result, the climb up a downward escalator effect kicks in and begin to lose my confidence. Well just when I started to doubt myself my confidence was restored by Julia and Rasheid. THANK GOD for the three-week check-ins because it was just what I needed to push myself back into the direction that I need to stay on and reminded me that I am capable.

So we are brought to this past weekend fresh after the check-in and all I could think about was how proud Yweb has made me of myself so far and how excited I am about my future. Taking the time to reflect has had the biggest impact on me than anything thus far at YWeb. This is because the restoration is very necessary for my mind. I usually get distracted by life easily letting depression and frustration get the best of me but not today. No matter how tired or sick I feel my motivation is strong.

That little girl pictured with the joyous sun filled smile is my motivation. Making sure she is happy and provided for her is everything. So knowing that every day I wake up and go to YWeb and get stuff done I am working towards building the future she deserves is everything. My support system is crazy and it brings me joy knowing someone believes in me even when I doubt myself. All I have to look forward to is the future.

 – Leah Goldblum

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