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October 19, 2017
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October 20, 2017
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It has been five weeks so far on my YWeb Career Academy journey, and I feel right now I can adequately review my progress and impression of the program. Out of all the amazing speakers that Rashied and Julia have brought in, my favorite was Robbie Steinbok from Akitabox. Akitabox is a software company in Madison. I have always loved playing video games. My favorite is the RTS (real-time strategy) genre, and I grew up playing Starcraft. Much of how I handle my everyday life has always been strategic, thinking of the micromanagement as well as micromanagement and making calculated risks. I did not go to school for computer science, so I initially thought that the software development path had been closed for me. But after hearing Steinbok talk about the different pathways that I can go from within the IT path and software developer appealed to me.

Steinbok presented key attributes that are common in the software development field such as problem solving, love of technology, being a team player and of course flexible work hours and location that appealed to me. I for sure know I want to go into the IT field. At the moment, being 5 weeks in, the idea of aiming for a full stack developer seems appealing to me. I want to become versatile in the areas that interest me and hopefully become competent enough to be a software developer. My goal is to not become just a “one trick pony” and be able to adapt to the changing technology and environment.

Another key point I want to highlight of my time here is that Steinbok and Rashied have touched upon the concept of degree vs. experience. Rashied said one day, “Degree does not necessarily equate to wealth.” It does not invalidate a college education and I do believe everyone should go to university, as many doors open. But as with everything else in life, very rarely anything is handed to you unless you’re privileged, so you are going to have to work and sacrifice for it. Often we lose sight and are molded by society’s standards of beauty, education, and success. I have always been an underdog and people count me out right away, but through my actions, I have always proved myself, came up on top and defied their first impressions.

 – Wesley Webster

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