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October 19, 2017
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October 20, 2017
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Kossi Apaloo is my name. I go by Edmond also. I am from West Africa, a small country called Togo. Both my parents are from Ghana. After obtaining my High School Diploma, I pursued my university education in Accra, Ghana and that is where I got my Degree in Network engineering in 2006. I have never been an employee in that field but it has always been my hobby.

Graphic design and web design has been my hobby since and I will be frank with you that I don’t enjoy coding, but I am always in the search of CMS that will allow me to build easily a simple, clean and nice website for my clients. I want to be versatile in the design field and I think I am on a good path. I have added Photography and business to those mentioned above and look forward to developing those skill on daily basis.

The YWCA is a plus for me. I have always been a windows guys and this YWCA class is allowing me to be a Windows / Mac guy. I decided to apply to this class because I wanted to learn and I am learning a lot not just for my future profession, but for my life and I am really grateful. I do enjoy how the class goes, the vibe, the atmosphere, the speakers and most of all Rasheid because I think we have some similarities. My upcoming SUCCESS is my fear but when there is fear, there is a need to get over it and embrace it.

 – Edmond Apollo

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