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June 1, 2017
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A group of interns from American Family Insurance sat down with instructors from YWeb to learn more about the program and how it has helped dozens of people jumpstart their careers. As students getting ready to enter the workforce, we asked Rasheid and Julia what YWeb does to prepare its students for success.

Starting a career in a new industry can be daunting, but the YWeb program makes the path to success more accessible than ever with attentive instructors, skills development and professional training.

The Training Program Prepares Students with Skills Beyond Web Development

The main goal of the YWeb program is to equip students with the ability to serve as web developers in corporate jobs, freelance roles and in continuing education. But the program provides so much more than that. YWeb instructors offer training in corporate culture, soft skills development and one-on-one meetings to make sure students are confident in themselves and their abilities.

Students in YWeb are unique and everyone brings their own story with them. But every year, students find things in common with each other and graduate with some of their closest friends. With a supportive group of peers cheering them on, students are more likely to achieve their career goals and have a good time getting there.

The Instructors Are Dedicated To Students’ Success…Every Step of the Way

The structure of YWeb is designed with students in mind. That means the program’s leaders, Rasheid and Julia, know that life throws curve balls every now and then. They help students overcome these challenges by providing services such as transportation, one-on-one meetings and other life coaching to assist students in their journey.

YWeb Opens Doors for the Future in a Career, Not a Job

Just like the students that participate in YWeb, the options for growth after YWeb graduation are diverse. Everyone has their own passions and goals, so YWeb gives students options to pursue and achieve them. In the past, students have gone on to land corporate jobs with salaries above $60k a year. Others have started their own businesses and work as freelance web developers. They are their own boss, they can work from home and they are more financially independent than ever.

No matter what path a student takes after graduation, they are happy to have a choice about what they do and where they go. That’s what YWeb and the YWCA is all about – empowering people with knowledge and skills to live better lives for themselves and their community

 – Kelsey Pulera

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