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October 9, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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I have officially completed the third week of the YWeb Career Academy. These first three weeks have been exhausting in the best way possible. I’ve had an unbelievable experience so far and am so excited for the course to continue. The people in my cohort are one of the biggest reasons it’s so easy for me to return every day. Every single person in this class is extremely hard working and there are almost NEVER complaints (minus the continuous groans from everyone after someone announces they’re tired). I was so unbelievably excited when I received my acceptance letter from Julia, but I didn’t understand exactly how much this program would benefit me. So far we’ve only scratched the surface, and that blows my mind.

What I’m most excited for as the course continues is learning the coding aspect. I feel as if it’s one of the most disliked parts of the tech community, but one of the most important which might give me a leg up on everyone if I’m good at it. It’s definitely the most frustrating thing I’ve worked on thus far, but that frustration is where most of my interest stems from. I have taken classes in graphic design before and I’ve experienced a sliver of the creativity aspect of web design. It’s very expressive and stress-relieving most of the time, but I’ve also had a lot of trouble with creativity block. I tend to second-guess myself in the creativity realm of design but I’m hoping this class will help me be more confident in myself and my artwork.

Being in this class has helped me get a better grasp of how large the tech world actually is. I mean I understand that it’s not small, obviously, but there are so many meetups and events for people in the tech industry in Madison alone. I’m excited to get my foot in the door going to the meetups, but I’m also super nervous. I don’t really do well in crowds of strangers but if it helps me network and potentially starts a conversation with someone who is already a professional in the tech industry, then I don’t think there’s any harm done. Doing stand-up every day in class has DEFINITELY helped me step out of my comfort zone and I think it’s the perfect transition into attending the meetups.

I’m so beyond thankful to have been accepted into this program. It really has opened my eyes to all the effort that goes into the things I use in my everyday life like websites and computers in general. My goal for entering the tech industry is to hopefully be hired to work or intern somewhere that has a positive effect on the world. My goal is to improve people’s lives, even if it’s a small improvement. I’m so thankful every day that I was chosen to be in this program.

– Lexi Wegman

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