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May 25, 2017
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How I join YWeb?.: My name is Ola-Juwon, A national of Nigeria, studying and based in Madison WI. On a Sunday afternoon, while I was searching online to learn about computer programming. I was lucky to be active on FaceBook at the same time when a college friend of mine, which happened to be a recent graduate of the YWeb Career Academy at that time posted an article he wrote about his experience at the program on facebook. Due to my interest in computer programming languages, I wasted no time and quickly followed the link he posted in his article for registration. What an interesting coincident.

My Application Process?.: A day later I received an email from Julia the program coordinator that my application has been received and I shall be contacted for further interviews. Weeks later, I got a call that my application has been reviewed, and I was scheduled for the interview process where I met with the instructor Rasheid and other YWeb staffs. We discussed about my interest for the program and my challenges as a minority which was quite a great experience for me to share my reality as a minority diving into the Tech industry.

Admission Process?.: It was a pleasant news brought to my earing that I finally made the program and that an admission letter has been issued in my name. This was actually one of my happiest moments.

Experience At YWeb?.: February 20th, the first day of class. I joined my fellow future developer in a class of 20 minorities that share almost the same characteristics and experiences with me. Coming from a non American background, though I made great friends. Collaboration is an essential drill of the program, so students must be willing to accommodate and work as a team. Making connections was an easy thing for me during the program. Three and half months of my Life spent coding, developing technical skills, building website and networking in Tech field at YWeb is an unforgettable memory.. I can finally say that I have been elevated from a Non Techy Minority Personnel to a Skilled Certified Web Developer with a balanced soft and employability skills with a reliable network and resources.

Hardship And Challenges?.: There are times I have to stay up all night to make sure I complete my works for the next day. There has been sleepless night and challenging moments, disagreements in class. But they were all resolved and I learnt a lot more to better myself.

Internship And Graduation?.: Numerous amount of internship are provided with full time and part time employment opportunities. A freelancing preparation for individuals that want to start up their own business was offered as well.

However, After an intensive and challenging three and half months of compassion and great memories. I look forward to seeing myself as a graduate of the YWeb Career Academy cohort 5 on the glorious day 05/31/2017.

Mission Accomplished!!!
Somuyiwa Taofeek Olajuwon
Graduate: Cohort 5

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