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November 10, 2017
The beginning of my YWebCA internship
November 21, 2017
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Hello, my name is Chantee Lackey-Williams and I feel like the class is going pretty well for me. I’m still terrified that I’m behind with my coding and that I’ll miss a deadline for an assignment but I’m trying my best and that’s all that counts. I am however, getting better at selling my elevator pitch when the opportunity presents itself. Last week the owner of Quality CNA’s Training contacted me on Facebook because she liked my ambition and professionalism on Facebook, she also liked that all of my ads were constantly flooding her timeline so she decided to reach out to me. We met Friday, and I walked in with a $100 mind set and left with a job offer and a deal for $5,000 instead of my original $100 just based on my personality and honesty.

Without this class, I never would have been able to work up the courage to negotiate my wage. It’s strange, I’m a naturally shy person unless there is money involved and somehow I can come out of my cocoon, this class has helped me stretch my wings out even further by providing countless soft skills training and excellent speakers.

In addition to the Quality CNA’s website and advertising, the owner referred me to a restaurant that desperately needs a website and is willing to pay $7,000 for a basic site. I can’t believe that all of the figures Rasheid throws out in class are actually real, people really do pay thousands of dollars for websites.

Furthermore, I started doing the power poses first thing in the morning, I usually stick with the superman pose it make me feel empowered and strong like I can face anything that the day throws my way. I’m so excited to see where this class takes me and all of the opportunities that will come along the way, the YWeb program has to be the biggest blessing I have received all year and I am so thankful to be apart of it.

 – Chantee Lackey-Williams

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