You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

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December 19, 2017
I Learned a Lot About Myself
December 19, 2017
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Today is my graduation from YWEB. I am excited and also proud of myself for finishing the course. Since I love to make lists, here is a list of three things that I will be taking away from YWeb as I move forward in my career in tech:

I am employable

  • When I first started YWeb, I was afraid that my bachelors degree was not enough to get me a job making over 32K per year. The first job I had out of college was the only job to which I actually applied, because I thought I was unqualified to apply to other jobs and was really uninterested in being rejected.  Needless to say, I was unconfident in my ability to find a good job that I was qualified for. As a graduating YWeb student, I now have the technical skills and the confidence to go after jobs that interest me and that will also further my career. I know that I am very employable with my bachelors of science degree and my coding/web design skills.

I can learn for free

  • After self financing four grueling years of college, I figured that I was done with school and learning, because I couldn’t afford to take any more classes. There wasn’t much hustle left inside me to learn new things. I  figured that if there was a skill requirement for a job that I didn’t have, it was not meant for me and I shouldn’t apply for the job. I am so glad I stopped thinking like that! After being in YWeb, (which was 100% free), I realized how silly that mindset was and have since found so many different ways to learn coding languages online for free, and have even been connected to a program through the Dane County Job Center that may provide financial assistance for classes at MATC. There are so many free opportunities available!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

  • I used to rely on the moral support of others before I made big decisions because I lacked the confidence to trust myself. When I first considered applying to YWeb, I asked a few people in my life for their opinion on whether or not I should take the course, knowing that it was in a field completely different from my degree and that I would most likely be unemployed until it was over. The feedback I received was mostly negative. Why would I stay in Madison to take a random tech class for free, putting myself in more of a tense financial situation, when I could move back home and apply for jobs? What does this class have to do with my degree that I just started getting the bill for? If I depended on the approval of others, I would have never done YWeb. I decided to take the doubting and turn it into fuel for my inner fire. I relied on myself, and today, 15 weeks after I started on September 13th, I am much better off for taking the chance and enrolling in YWeb. I am confident, motivated, and excited for the future. I bring a lot to the table, and this class helped me realize that.

– Vickie Guerrero

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