The Instructor

Rasheid Atlas has been a designer by trade and profession since the age of 15 years young and has dedicated his career to design and digital story-telling. Rasheid has been designing and developing experiences, both digital and spacial since 2000 across the United States. You may be looking at his designs at any given time, anywhere you are. Rasheid has had his hands in everything from front-end design and animations, backend programming/development to physical fabrication and installment. Through these experiences Rasheid has seen every aspect of the process, from start to finish. This has allowed him to shape his craft in a way that allows him to have meaningful impact in the community, give back, and help mold the next wave of designers, developers, and programmers who will shape our future experiences. After relocating to Madison in 2006, Rasheid has married and started a family. So, when he’s not teaching, or immersed in his digital space, you’ll find Rasheid at home with his lovely wife, boys, and dogs.